Top 10 (+160) Countries For Press Freedom

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Thanks to Reporters Without Borders for this one – the best/worst countries for press freedom: 1Norway7.82 2Finland7.9 3Sweden8.31 4Netherlands8.63 5Denmark9.87 6Switzerland10.5 7New Zealand10.75 8Jamaica11. 9Belgium12.07 10Costa Rica12.24 11Estonia12.27 12Portugal12.63 13Germany14.60 14Iceland14.71 15Ireland15 16Austria15.33 17Luxembourg15.66 18Canada15.69 19Uruguay16.06 20Surinam16.38 21Australia16.55 22Samoa18.25 23Namibia18.95 24Latvia19.53 25Cabo Verde19.81 26Liechtenstein20.49 27Ghana20.81 28Cyprus21.74 29Spain21.99 30Lithuania22.06 31South Africa22.19 32France22.21 33United Kingdom22.23 34Slovenia22.31 35Slovakia23.58 …

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