Common-mode chip inductors operate at high temperatures

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Bourns, Inc. has launched a CANbus common mode chip inductor series that can be used in a wide range of high temperature electronics applications. The AEC-Q200 compliant inductors feature a ferrite core with a bifilar-wound construction that provides high impedance over a broad frequency range to suppress unwanted incoming or outgoing EMI signals, said Bourns.

Designed to meet noise suppression, high temperature operation, and high reliability application requirements in many CANbus-based applications, the SRF4530A series operates over a wide temperature range from –55 to +150 °C. The series offers an inductance range of 11 – 100 µH and an impedance range of 600 – 7500 Ω.

The SRF4530A series is RoHS compliant. Click here for the datasheet.

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