New High-Reliability Alloy Formulated For Harsh Environments

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  • The high reliability alloy is enhanced with thermal cycling performance  for high-temperatures
  • The alloy provides advanced lifetime and high-performance in many automotive applications

Indium Corporation, a supplier of materials for electronics, semiconductor, thin-film and thermal management applications, has released a new high-reliability alloy, the Indalloy 292 that is enhanced with thermal cycling performance especially formulated for harsh environments.

The alloy provides advanced lifetime, reliability and high-performance, and addresses the increased temperatures in many automotive applications.

Indalloy 292 offers:
⦁ Superior performance in harsh thermal cycling conditions from
-40 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius
⦁ Excellent chip resistor thermal cycling performance with zero failures for over 3,000 cycles
⦁ Excellent ball grid array (BGA) thermal cycling performance with characteristic lifetimes 2X that of other leading high-reliability solders
⦁ Enhanced thermal cycling reliability on Cu OSP, ImSn, and other standard PCB surface finishes
⦁ Lifetime high shear strength
⦁ Low solder joint cracking

Indalloy 292 also offers outstanding printability, stability and enhanced SIR performance when paired with Indium8.9HF Solder Paste series that is a no-clean, halogen-free solution designed to produce low-voiding, enhanced electrical reliability and improved stability during the printing process for high-reliability automotive electronics.