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Mini Rechargeable Power Supply

Presented here is a robust, compact and hand-held mini rechargeable power supply that delivers 9.2V and 5V up to 1A (approx.) and 3.3V up to 500mA. It also includes a female A-type USB connector so you can power and charge other equipment such as mobile phones. Four white LEDs are included to enable its use […]

New Hybrid-Polymer Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors Launched By TDK

Advertisement Offers impressive heat dissipation and has a stable mechanical design Typically used in automotive and industrial applications TDK Corporation has extended its product range of hybrid-polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors by now offering two new series: the B40600 / B40700 series. They are designed for rated voltages of 25 V and 35 V and cover a capacitance […]

New Time-of-Flight Sensor Enables Multi-Object Ranging and Accuracy

Advertisement Allows detection and measurement of accurate distances to multiple targets Also suitable for other applications such as building automation and IoT sensing With the introduction of the VL53L3CX, STMicroelectronics has extended the capabilities of its FlightSense Time of Flight (ToF) ranging sensors. The newly released sensor allows measuring distances to multiple objects as well […]