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Small and High-Performance Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)

Advertisement The new, small SMD oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) by Raltron  covers a wide frequency range at a steady voltage supply and has offers phase noise Can be used reliably for applications such as 5G wireless infrastructure, transmission, precision instrumentation, broadcasting and utility metering infrastructure  Raltron, a global producer of high-performance frequency management components and antenna […]

Ultra-Low Noise Probe System For Developing Advanced ICs

Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Advertisement The probe system is suitable for meeting complex test and measurement specifications and achieve a high-efficiency for countering environmental noise experienced in conventional probe systems FormFactor, a semiconductor test and measurement supplier, has introduced the CM300xi-ULN, a 300mm wafer probe system designed for highly accurate testing of flicker noise (1/f), […]

The Case For Responsible AI

Advertisement Artificial Intelligence is becoming quite popular nowadays as it gives us significant technological power. However, it is important to use it with more responsibility to overcome its disruptive impacts such as loss of privacy, and increased biases in decision-making. Responsible AI would ensure ethical and transparent use of AI technologies. In my view, tools […]

New Technology To Prevent Misuse Of Facial Authentication

Advertisement Any wrong impersonation of photographs from facial images can now be curbed amidst growing risk of fraud as biometric authentication gains popularity. Also, remote authentication can be gained without compromising ease of face authentication To detect forgery and solve stolen identity cases, present-day technologies rely on devices such as near-infrared cameras. While it ensures […]

Low Cost Drone Powered by ESP32 CAM

Advertisement A drone equipped with a camera opens up many new possibilities with respect to their applications such as crop monitoring, video surveillance and recording, and many more. However, such drones come at a very high cost (5 to 10 times more expensive) and also have limited functionalities concerning AI, ML or image processing.  So […]