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High Efficiency Synchronous Rectification Controllers

Advertisement The new device launch by STMicroelectronics also enables low power consumption and effective power management Offers affordable and smaller-footprint for battery chargers and USB power outlets STMicroelectronics has introduced the SRK1000A and the SRK1000B secondary-side synchronous-rectification (SR) controllers for flyback converters, which feature high efficiency and low power consumption. At the same time, it also […]

Winbond adds sequential read to QSPI NAND flash

Winbond has added sequential read to QSPI NAND flash memories, startign with its W25NxxxJW. “In sequential read mode, the products achieve the same 52Mbyte/s maximum data rate at 104MHz as in continuous read mode, but with new flexibility to configure the chip’s operation,” according to the company. Key options are now: Error correction: While in continuous […]

Smartwatches And Wristbands To Keep You Fit

Advertisement Wearables are the most convenient tools to collect health data, and monitor and interact with users on-the-go. Smartwatches and activity trackers can remind when a routine task has been missed or left undone. These also promote healthy lifestyles and assist in healthcare wherever and whenever required. Sensors in smartwatches and wristbands collect data and […]

IoT IP integrates RF and baseband

Imagination ‘s latest IP delivers  integrated RF and baseband, designed for low-power and battery-powered applications such as the IoT, wearables and hearables. iEW400 is based on the latest IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standard, bringing improved robustness, throughput and power-saving through a range of new features, including: 20/40MHz operation: Enables low-data-rate applications to conserve battery power Target Wake […]

Farnell signs MPS

Farnell has added a range of  motion control, and sensor solutions by Monolithic Power Systems (MPS). Since the company was established in 1997, MPS has patented many  technologies, including its most notable achievement of integrating an entire power system onto a single chip, which continues to drive their highly integrated systems today. Its mission is […]