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Flutter 1.20 updates for autofill, pan and zoom

Google has announced version 1.20 of Flutter, its system for creating – in native ARM code – embedded graphic components for both iOS and Android from a single codebase. As well as promised performance improvements, the release includes some UI enhancements. For example, support for autofill, a new way to layer widgets to support pan […]

Raspberry Pi makes Japanese keyboard

Raspberry Pi has come up with a Japanese keyboard. It required a  new moulding set to cover the 83-key arrangement of the keys. It’s quite a complex keyboard, with three different character sets to deal with. ‘Figuring out how the USB keyboard controller maps to all the special keys on a Japanese keyboard was particularly […]

Tax holiday for China’s 28nm manufacturers

China has introduced a ten year tax holiday for logic companies which have been in existence for 15 years and use 28nm and better processes. Only two companies in China qualify for the incentive – SMIC and Hua Hong. For companies using nodes between 65nm and 28nm there is a tax incentive worth 50% of […]

ADAS not all it’s cracked up to be says AAA

After all the hoo-ha about driverless cars, now relegated to the sometime-never category, the American Automobile Association has come up with a study saying that ADAS isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “AAA has repeatedly found that active driving assistance systems do not perform consistently, especially in real-word scenarios,” says Greg Brannon, AAA’s director […]