Published news out of Taiwan that a company there plans to put a manufacturing plant in El Paso to make components for Tesla electric vehicles might be premature.

Officials for Pegatron Corp., an electronics manufacturer in Taipei, in a statement provided to the El Paso Times late Thursday said the company has not yet made a decision about its overseas plans.

“Regarding our deployment plans overseas, details such as location, timing and investment amount are still under discussion,” the statement reads. “We will submit for government approval and make (a) public announcement pursuant to local regulations once it’s confirmed.”

If Pegatron put a factory in the El Paso area, it could supply Tesla’s auto factory, now under construction in the Austin area, which is about 600 miles east of El Paso.

A Pegatron Corp. facility in Juárez, Mexico, in May 2019.

Pegatron operates a customer service facility in Juárez, El Paso's neighbor across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The company is largely known for making components for Apple iPhones. However, it also has begun to make control screens for Tesla cars, according to

It also makes a wide variety of other brand-name electronic products for other companies, including personal computers, game consoles, and smart home devices, according to a company report.

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